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YouGov Methodology Changes
23 February 2016, 10:38pm
YouGov have made some methodology changes after a review brought on by the industry-wide polling failures before the 2015 General Election. This was applied to tonight's poll for the Times, which detailed the changes as follows;

This poll included changes to YouGov’s political methodology as part of our ongoing process of refinement. We have dropped our previous weighting by newspaper readership, and introduced weighting by highest educational qualification and the level of attention respondents pay to politics. We have also updated our age weights, so that the top band in our age weighting is now 65 and over, rather than 60 and over. We have also begun interlocking our past vote weights by region, to make our figures more representative within each region.

Finally, we have decided to begin weighting our voting intention figures by likelihood to vote in all polls, rather than just at election time. As an additional measure we will also be down-weighting respondents who did not vote at the previous election. YouGov will continue to keep our methods under active review, now more than ever. We look forward to the detailed findings of the BPC inquiry next month, and are continuing to investigate other potential methodological innovations.

These changes have now been included in our methodology summary.